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  • The Undeniable Difference
    Joe Maher was the undeniable difference to achieving a positive outcome in my case and I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer to represent me. Joe provided me and my family with more than exceptional legal counsel. Joe’s leadership throughout this very difficult time has made me a better husband and father by his example. He helped me to remember who I was and provided me with the hope for what I wish to become. I now consider myself fortunate to call him a friend and will always be grateful for the new chance in life he has provided me.

  • Maher and Maher Save My Friend’s Life
    Joe & Kimberly saved my friend’s life. He was falsely accused of a crime. Most big law firms would have made him take a plea offer because it is fast and easy money for them; this would have essentially ruined his military career. Joe and Kimberly relentlessly fought for him…The case was dismissed. You will not get this kind of team work, compassion and perseverance with any other attorney or firm. I highly recommend them. Joe and Kimberly treated him with an enormous amount of respect from the very beginning to the end. Joe’s court room skills in front of the prosecution and Judge were top-notch. He was well prepared and predicted everything and I mean everything the prosecution, police, and the ‘expert witness’ were going to throw at my friend. Thanks to you both and may God bless you always!

  • Outstanding help from a lawyer who cares
    Joe and Kimberly were an absolute pleasure to work with. They provided concern and help in a completely judgmental free environment. The communication through the whole process was second to none. Joe not only got me get exactly what I needed out of the case, but also helped me gather and organize all the information I needed for a simple and successful court case. Pleasant would be an understatement for my entire experience.

  • Very patient and helpful!
    Both Joe and Kim were so kind and patient and understanding. They provided wonderful information in my consultation and even though I ended up not needing to retain them, the lengths they went through to try and work with me to retain me as an attorney were astounding and unexpected in the most positive manner. If you are needing an attorney, this team is the one you want! They will work with you, not against you, and find a realistic resolution for your situation.

  • Excellent Lawyer! Highly Recommended!
    Joe and Kim were extremely professional and kind throughout the whole process, we knew we would hire them within minutes of our consultation. They clearly explained each step and took the time to make sure we understood what was happening with the case. During the consultation it was made clear that we could reach out at any time with questions and that held true throughout the entire case. Joe and Kim worked very hard to obtain all of the information needed to put together a strong defense while still ensuring that we were informed/involved throughout the entire process. They were both very educated on all parts of the case which was really helpful to us as we were prepared for each step ahead of time. It was very clear that their background was very beneficial several times. The experience with having them as our attorney was so incredible that I would recommend them to anyone going through what we did. Plus they do not disappear after the case as we are welcome to reach out if any questions come up after the fact. They consistently went above and beyond for us, we are so thankful and so blessed to have them through that tough time. Joe and Kim are easily the best attorneys that I have ever met/worked with. We are life long clients and will be sure to recommend them to anyone looking for a lawyer that will work hard to win!

  • Criminal Defense
    I reached out to Joe for consultation regarding DUI defense. Joe provided me with prompt and comprehensive advice to assist me with my legal defense. He thoroughly explained the procedural process and advised me to take immediate steps to protect my rights to the fullest extent of the law. As a fellow attorney, it is evident that Joe has expertise and command of criminal defense law. Joe was very responsive and an absolute professional. I highly endorse Joe as a criminal defense attorney.

  • Great experience for an otherwise bad situation
    When searching for an attorney, Joe asked questions to fully understand the situation and presented information when I was unsure. The other attorneys I spoke with wanted the quick facts and weren’t interested in what I had to say, only the situation I was in. After we first spoke, before hiring Joe, he gave me advice on how to find the right attorney, and answered my questions thoroughly. After hiring Joe, he quickly went to work for me. He always answered my phone calls when I had questions or needed advice. He made sure I knew about all possible incomes and gave me the confidence to continue my regular job and not to worry too much about the situation I found myself in. He seemed to be very well connected within the local attorneys and very confident in his ability to take care of me as his client.


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