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DUI Results

DUI – dismissed, Prosecutor’s appeal of dismissal successfully defended against

Public servant charged with DUI. Maher & Maher filed legal briefs and vigorously argued for for the case to be thrown out due to improper police investigation. Case dismissed at trial court level. Prosecution appealed the case to a higher court. Maher & Maher successfully defended the appeal.

DUI – dismissed

PhD candidate charged with DUI. Maher & Maher was hired on short notice, drafted motions to dismiss and suppress evidence for unlawful investigative tactics used by DUI officers in violation of Colorado supreme court case precedent. Case dismissed

DUI – dismissed and sealed

International Airlines Employee charged with DUI. Through investigation and advocacy Maher & Maher convinced prosecutor to correctly dismiss the case. Motion to seal the case granted by the court.

DUI – dismissed, prosecutor’s appeal successfully defended

Retired Disabled Veteran Client charged with DUI and Careless Driving. Maher & Maher Law identified the arresting officer’s mistake in advising the client of his rights and brought that legal issue to the court. The court granted Maher & Maher Law’s motion and as a result, dismissed the DUI count outright. Case appealed by the District Attorney and Maher & Maher Law prevailed on the appeal to the higher court.

DUI – plea to non-alcohol traffic infraction

Client charged with DUI. At the DMV hearing, Maher & Maher Law through cross examination of the arresting officer about methods used during the investigation and arrest, established facts necessary for plea negotiations. Maher & Maher Law negotiated a non-alcohol related traffic offense plea, DUI dismissed.

DUI – Driver’s License Revocation Action Dismissed by Dept. of Revenue

Active duty service member pulled over for speeding and charged for DUI. Through cross examination of the Officer at the Dept. of Revenue, Maher & Maher Law established that law enforcement’s administration of the standardized field sobriety test was involuntary. The hearing officer dismissed the revocation action against the client’s driver’s license.

DUI – Driver’s License Revocation Action Dismissed by Dept. of Revenue

Physically disabled client stopped and cited for DUI on I-25 by Colorado State Patrol. State Patrol Trooper claimed the client refused chemical testing. Through cross examination of the officer at the Dept. of Revenue Maher & Maher Law established that the client had refused but later properly requested a chemical test. The hearing officer dismissed the revocation action against the client’s driver’s license.

DUI – Driver’s License Revocation Action Dismissed by Dept. of Revenue

Client’s driver’s license was revoked when client was found in his vehicle and intoxicated. Through cross examination at hearing, Maher & Maher Law established that the client was not driving or operating a vehicle under Colorado State law. The hearing officer dismissed the revocation action against the client’s driver’s license.

DUI – Felony DUI count dismissed

Client was charged with Felony DUI which requires three prior alcohol or drug related driving convictions. Maher & Maher Law was hired by the client to handle the matter. Through diligent investigation Maher & Maher Law discovered that one of the prior convictions was in fact not a conviction. After producing proof of the outcome, the District Attorney dropped the felony DUI count against the client.

DUI – Deferred Judgment and Sentence Plea Deal Negotiated on a high blood alcohol content and traffic collision case

Maher & Maher Law was hired to represent an underage client who was caused a traffic collision with an extremely high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). After months of diligent negotiation and advocacy Maher & Maher Law PC was able to secure a deferred judgment and sentence agreement for the client from the District Attorney. Maher & Maher Law then persuaded the judge overseeing the case to accept the agreement given numerous factors in the underage client’s background, proactive measures the client had taken to receive treatment, and several unique case circumstances.

Criminal Defense Results

Adult Sexual Assault – client acquitted at trial

After a four day jury trial, Kimberly and Joe secured not guilty verdicts on all counts for a father and Iraq war veteran charged with committing felony sexual assault of his wife.

Vehicular Homicide – plea to a traffic offense

Army non-commissioned officer charged with Vehicular homicide. Maher & Maher conducted thorough investigation including Colorado Open Records Act demands and independent accident reconstruction. Maher & Maher negotiated a plea offer to a minor traffic offense – avoiding a felony conviction and saving the client’s active duty military career.

Adult Sexual Assault – case dismissed before trial

Client charged with Adult Felony Sexual Assault. Maher & Maher Law investigated, drafted motions, and successfully obtained an order barring the State’s expert witness from testifying at trial. Case ultimately dismissed with prejudice by the DA after the motions hearing and one week before trial. Court ordered the case sealed.

Multiple DUI cases – deferred judgment and sentence and Driver’s License Saved

Retired military veteran charged with two DUI cases in one week. Maher & Maher successfully negotiated doe Deferred Judgment and Sentences in both DUI cases and prevailed over the government at the Department of Revenue. The result: the client’s driver’s license was not revoked and the client will have the opportunity to have both DUI cases dismissed following successfully probation.

Domestic Violence – dismissed and sealed

Army non-commissioned officer client charged with assaulting wife as an act of Domestic Violence. Maher & Maher Law investigated and took the case to trial, DA dismissed the case before the commencement of the trial. The court granted Maher & Maher Law’s motion to seal the case.

Felony Domestic Violence

Army Non-commissioned officer Client charged with Felony 2nd Degree Assault as an act of Domestic Violence. Maher & Maher Law advocated for the client’s case to be transferred to Veterans Trauma Court and obtained a deferred sentence to misdemeanors with the possibility of dismissal and the ability to seal.

Felony Prescription Drugs Addicted Veteran – plea to a misdemeanor

Retired Senior non-commissioned officer charged with Felony Prescription Drug Fraud. Maher & Maher Law highlighted his military service, medical issues, and desire for treatment and ultimately secured a misdemeanor plea in Veterans Trauma Court. Felony drug charge dismissed.

Domestic Violence – dismissed and sealed

Client charged with assaulting ex-girlfriend as an act of Domestic Violence. Maher & Maher Law resolved the case with a dismissal of all charges and his record sealed.

Domestic Violence – dismissed and sealed

Client charged with Criminal Tampering against wife as an act of Domestic Violence. Maher & Maher Law presented flaws in the case and the wife’s version of facts. Case dismissed and sealed.

Dangerous Dog – dismissed and sealed

Engineer with Defense Contractor and Top Secret Security Clearance holder charged with Misdemeanor Dangerous Dog. Maher & Maher Law PC diligently negotiated with the prosecutor over several weeks and got the case dismissed and sealed.

Civil Results

Slip & Fall – Significant settlement for Elderly Client
Elderly client lived on the 3rd floor of a Colorado Springs apartment complex. Due to poor maintenance and icy conditions, Client slipped twice on separate dates on the same staircase and had personal injuries in each instance as a result. Maher & Maher Law negotiated with two separate insurance companies to achieve a substantial settlement for our client.

Motor Vehicle Accident – significant improvement in negotiated settlement after Maher & Maher Law was hired

Military veteran was T-boned at a busy intersection. The insurance company representing the at fault driver offered the client $500.00 to settle his personal injury matter. The client hired Maher & Maher Law and we quickly persuaded the insurance company to make an appropriate offer that was several thousand dollars more than the original offer. Client happily accepted the new offer to settle.

Personal Injury
An on-duty deputy was hit head on and severely inured in an automobile collision. Maher & Maher Law obtained the maximum settlement for the client and worked with her to resolve the workers compensation issues that arose from the accident.

Personal Injury
A mother was injured and her infant son was killed in a tragic automobile accident where they tried to blame the mother for the crash. Maher & Maher Law retained an expert accident reconstructionist to demonstrate the true liability to the insurance company. In the end, we obtained the maximum settlement for our client.

Employment Contract
Local large school district breached its agreement to pay grade-school teacher incentive pay. Maher & Maher successfully negotiated full payment of thousands of dollars to the teacher, ensuring her contract was honored.

Premises Liability
Local grandmother tripped on buckled concrete sidewalk at national chain restaurant in the monument area. Maher & Maher successfully negotiated full payment of all medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering totaling thousands of dollars.

Personal Injury
Grandmother and granddaughter injured in two-car accident. Maher & Maher was retained after a shameful offer was made by a large, national auto insurance company to the clients’ family. Maher & Maher successfully settled the case for an amount significantly more than the insurance company’s original offer to settle for both the grandmother and granddaughter.

Civil Fraud
National, political fundraising organization was fraudulently drafting payments from a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s. Maher & Maher was retained by the senior’s family and swiftly secured full repayment of thousands of dollars to the client. The fundraiser had initially told client there was nothing that could be done to refund the money.

Civil Protection Order
Disabled Veteran Client served with petition for permanent protection order by local corporation. Maher & Maher Law negotiated and mediated with corporate attorney and obtained a dismissal with prejudice.

Driver’s License Revocation Hearing/DUI
Hearing officer dismissed driver’s license revocation matter after Joe successfully cross examined DUI officer regarding improper and confusing express consent advisement.

Driver’s License Revocation Hearing/DUI
Local maintenance employee charged with DUI and driver’s license revoked by the Dept of Revenue. Hearing Officer dismissed revocation action after finding the Deputies had violated the client’s right to elect a blood or breath test. Next Maher & Maher fought the DUI case in criminal court. Prosecution dismissed the DUI case at motions hearing and client received a plea to traffic infraction.

Civil Protection Order
Juvenile Client served with petition for permanent protection order by ex-girlfriend. Maher & Maher Law investigated, interviewed witnesses, scrutinized social media and successfully mediated a dismissal with prejudice of the protection order on behalf of Client.

Consumer Contract Dispute
National company used pushy sales tactics to get stay at home mother to agree to an installment of equipment contract costing the family thousands in cancellation fees. When the family received the cancellation fee bill, Maher & Maher was retained. The company was contacted and quickly agreed to waive the cancellation fee.


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