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At Maher & Maher Law, PC we intentionally limit the number of the clients we represent

By limiting our caseload, we are able to give each and every one of our clients the personalized attention their case deserves at an affordable rate. The results speak for themselves…

Civil Results

Employment contract
Local large school district breached its agreement to pay grade-school teacher incentive pay. Maher & Maher successfully negotiated full payment of thousands of dollars to the teacher, ensuring her contract was honored.

Premises Liability
Local grandmother tripped on buckled concrete sidewalk at national chain restaurant in the monument area. Maher & Maher successfully negotiated full payment of all medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering totaling thousands of dollars.

Personal Injury
Grandmother and granddaughter injured in two-car accident. Maher & Maher was retained after a shameful offer was made by a large, national auto insurance company to the clients’ family. Maher & Maher successfully settled the case for an amount significantly more than the insurance company’s original offer to settle for both the grandmother and granddaughter.

Civil Fraud
National, political fundraising organization was fraudulently drafting payments from a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s. Maher & Maher was retained by the senior’s family and swiftly secured full repayment of thousands of dollars to the client. The fundraiser had initially told client there was nothing that could be done to refund the money.

Civil Protection Order
Disabled Veteran Client served with petition for permanent protection order by local corporation. Maher & Maher Law negotiated and mediated with corporate attorney and obtained a dismissal with prejudice.

Driver’s License Revocation Hearing/DUI
Hearing officer dismissed driver’s license revocation matter after Joe successfully cross examined DUI officer regarding improper and confusing express consent advisement.

Driver’s License Revocation Hearing/DUI
Local maintenance employee charged with DUI and driver’s license revoked by the Dept of Revenue. Hearing Officer dismissed revocation action after finding the Deputies had violated the client’s right to elect a blood or breath test. Next Maher & Maher fought the DUI case in criminal court. Prosecution dismissed the DUI case at motions hearing and client received a plea to traffic infraction.

Civil Protection Order
Juvenile Client served with petition for permanent protection order by ex-girlfriend. Maher & Maher Law investigated, interviewed witnesses, scrutinized social media and successfully mediated a dismissal with prejudice of the protection order on behalf of Client.

Consumer Contract Dispute
National company used pushy sales tactics to get stay at home mother to agree to an installment of equipment contract costing the family thousands in cancellation fees. When the family received the cancellation fee bill, Maher & Maher was retained. The company was contacted and quickly agreed to waive the cancellation fee.


*Maher & Maher Law cannot guarantee a result in your case. Every case is different. Results depend on many factors including the facts and circumstances specific to the case.